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Blameless and Forever Free Ministries,

a religious charitable organization

But before the next big thing can happen, one needs to lean towards generosity first, a community give-back of sorts.  A month-long campaign Blameless and Forever Free Ministries calls...







Suits 4 Homeless Event

Suits 4 Homeless Event

Heart surgery.  Hopeless.  Homeless.  Living in vehicle.  How does one pull themselves together enough to start over? 


Blameless stepped in and provided suits to friends in need (homeless) for a new start in life.  Talk about new beginnings...

Just Because Event!

 Words we all desire to hear...

Thank you for being Beautiful You! 


I'm sure you don't get to hear it often enough, but you matter and the world needs what only you possess, offer and radiate.  After all, God designed and created you as His Masterpiece.

Keep radiating that beautiful smile!

For as she thinks in her heart, so is she (Proverbs 23:7).

Just Because... Event!

Blameless and Forever Free Ministries went out into our community and sprinkled a little love by randomly handing out long-stem roses attached with a small card saying "Thank you for being Beautiful You!" 

Talk about a reception filled with tears and gratitude forever changing the atmosphere and the lives of the beloveds that received.

Generous hearts at their finest...

Battle of the Dental Challenge

Who's Going To Win? 

The Battle Begins...

With Granite Bay Smiles starting the oral hygiene-packet challenge for donations to put in Christmas bags for our friends in need (homeless), Granite Bay Smiles is in the lead and challenging other dental offices to beat their 130 packets collected and donated for our friends in need. 


Stay tuned...

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