Our Unique Goal

Blameless and Forever Free Ministries is committed to reaching and investing into our incarcerated with the hope found under the umbrella of God's Great Love that ushers them towards change and opportunity.  This is accomplished by sharing the good news of the gospel along with comprehensive programming in a welcoming, nonjudgmental environment.  Executed through the transforming power of the Love of Christ along with providing basic services to the incarcerated and parolees returning to Placer County from prisons inside the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, the mission of Blameless was developed.


Embracing that today's offender will be tomorrow's neighbor supports the very core and mission of Blameless and Forever Free Ministries which is organized to reduce the recidivism rate, expand community safety and awareness, and disrupt the cycle of re-offending.  

Operating as the hands and feet of God who are committed to stand with the oppressed and fight injustice in order to pour out God's Great Love while combating the enemy of loneliness and isolation includes providing a safe-haven center (reentry program center) that welcomes everyone, regardless of race and/or religion.  Collaborating with civic organizations, local communities and agencies committed to supporting and pouring the love of Christ into our incarcerated ushers in successful reintegration.


Blameless believes making our communities safer requires awareness along with embracing the fact that today's offender will be tomorrow's neighbor.  That demands an extension of grace and patience for successful reentry and long-term success through the transformation process and not society's long-standing punishment rule.  It won't happen overnight. 

They've served the time for their crime, so now it's up to society (all of us) to contribute and be a part of the solution and need for change through kindness and compassion.  Punishing them for life through discrimination and obstacles gets us nowhere and forces them back into crime to re-offend.  Connecting and supporting beloveds who are seeking change and hope for successful reentry, both before and after release, to the many services that are needed helps ensure success and accountability through recognition and fellowship.  They finally belong in a healthy familial environment that supports growth.

There is no shame in our game; Jesus is His name!

The vision of Blameless is to operate as Ambassadors of Reconciliation, bridging the gap between church and state, in forming partnerships with agencies, community organizations and local government to build upon and develop comprehensive plans for successful reintegration of prisoners returning to our communities, and to address public safety and social concerns connected with the reentry populace.  Everyone has value; therefore, Blameless believes relational justice must include God and His Great Love!!!

Blameless operates under the premise that God's Great Love changes everything!

Without rehabilitation, most offenders will end up either homeless, adding to our homeless epidemic, or back to crime leading to more prison time.  With the Founder of Blameless operating a homeless organization for two and a half years battling the many discriminating factors leading to appropriate housing, she witnessed firsthand the challenges that lead to and present homelessness.  Being on probation and/or parole contributes significantly.  

God's heart of justice values all human life; reconciles our returning citizens towards restoration, reintegration, leading them to redemption. 

Everyone has value!

Blameless is dedicated to mirroring the Biblical meaning behind being the hands and feet of God found in 2 Corinthians 1:3-5.  The Founder's faith advocates that our nonprofit community be built upon the embodiment of the good news of the gospel, Love Himself.  Blameless believes that extending the Love of Christ to mean that all lives matter! 

There's no better way to experience the soul, mission and ministry of Jesus Christ than by sharing the gospel with the prisoners, setting the oppressed free and understanding Jesus' interaction and engagement with people (Luke 4:18, Isaiah 61:1-3).  This illustrates how Jesus tenderly loves and restores and, really, the heart of justice.  This cultivates community engagement.  Together, it changes the culture, inspires the church, and advances justice reform.

This implements the covering of God's Great Love in the forefront of every decision Blameless makes; establishing a personal connection with our Beautiful Jesus that provides the spark needed for the journey back to a vital and dignified life.

Blameless affirms that "With man this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible."

(Matthew 19:26)

Blameless and Forever Free Ministries is a Registered California Nonprofit Organization, No. C4133758, and operates as a Religious Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization, Tax I.D. 82-4912215.

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Roseville, California

Tax ID 82-4912215