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Meet the Team of Blameless and Forever Free Ministries,


a religious charitable organization

The People Behind The Scenes

Tammy Ingram Founder of Blameless and Forever Free Ministries, a religious charitable organization, to reduce recidivism rates for returning citizens/reentry programs ex offenders


Tammy Ingram founded Blameless and Forever Free Ministries in December of  2014.  She comes from a life healed from depression and decades of abuse.  Her background includes over twenty years in the law profession and through a subsequent seven-year chaplaincy tenure, her passion developed into advocacy for the stilled and lost voices of the Violated and the Rejected.  One reason she proudly served on Folsom State Prison's Inmate Family Council. 


Tammy holds a Bachelor's of Science in Religion, with a minor in church ministries, and is forever working on her Master's of Divinity! 

Spreading Seeds of Love!

The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few (Matthew 9:37).  We will never know how far our seeds of love and commitment will reach or what it will look like until we plant it and watch it grow.

Blameless and Forever Free Ministries is excited to be transitioning its organizational focus on solely meeting the many needs of our inmate population both during their prison term of incarceration along with focus on a re-entry program center for a smooth transition.


After two and a half years helping combat our homeless epidemic, Blameless identified that almost 30-40% of our homeless beloveds had criminal convictions leading to their inability to secure stable housing.  This made Blameless realize the underlying need is to be proactive in justice reformation by standing with the oppressed and fight injustice.


Check back often as our team will be expanding to meet the numerous needs along with our partnerships.


 Since Blameless believes God's Great Love changes everything, the team approaches our mission differently.  We believe changed lives require a process connected with patience and kindness that is weaved throughout the journey.  This is the key to our individual uniqueness and is a glimpse of the kingdom of God this side of heaven. 

Blameless operates as authentic and available Christians who are willing to help, engage in and love on the rejected and forgotten as our own family.  This supports the covering of God's Great Love in the forefront of every decision our team makes.


of Directors



Meet Mrs. Amber Aguilar-Hill

Blameless and Forever Free Ministries is honored to bring on board Mrs. Amber Aguilar-Hill who has quite a calling on her life.  Not only does she hold Chair for the board of directors at Blameless and Forever Free Ministries, but she creates conditions that allow other people to shine.  Probably why she successfully Chairs the Inmate Family Council at Folsom State Prison where she met the founder.

Leading to ensure productive board sessions, she sets an inspiring tone. The Board Chair values staff and respects their input which enables creativity and implementation. But mostly, in being fundraising champions. 





What does a creative gifting of writing Christian music with vocals reaching heaven, have an unadulterated testimony and passionate devotion to Christ, and achieved status as a state-certified drug and alcohol rehabilitative counselor combine?

Blameless and Forever Free Ministries is honored to introduce Anthony Gonzales as part of the team sharing the Love of Christ to our incarcerated, but also serving on the board of directors representing our inmate population and returning citizens.  Who better to identify with our incarcerated than one beloved who met Jesus in prison and spent over a decade doing time for his crime. 

Anthony not only testifies to how God's Great Love delivers transformation, but also how imperative it is to have a rehabilitative focus in our state prisons before our prisoners are released.  Anthony utilized his time appropriately by receiving an education in prison enabling him to achieve a State of California drug and alcohol rehabilitative counselor certification.

Investing in our incarcerated BEFORE THEY'RE RELEASED helps our communities become safer, but it also contributes significantly for a smoother transition back into society by being employable, active and productive members of society!

Both the treasurer and the founder were introduced to one another at Folsom State Prison.  While they served different terms on Folsom State Prison's Inmate Family Council, both were lovers of writing and advocating for the rights of the incarcerated.

Through her wisdom and experience gained in being a small business owner in the past, she has firsthand knowledge on financial management and oversight.  Her experience in systems oversight and attention to detail will ensure the nonprofit's solvency. 

Once her bio is completed, you will understand why Blameless is honored to have Ms. Ordonez guard the nonprofit's finances through the amazing experience and background she offers to Blameless and Forever Free Ministries.

D. Ordonez/Treasurer

Amber Aguilar-Hill

Board Secretary

Both Amber and the founder were introduced to one another at Folsom State Prison.  Amber was nominated as Chair for the Folsom State Prison's Inmate Family Council when Tammy started serving and Amber continues to perform her duties through excellence.

Through Amber's copious-notetaking skills and calm resilience during Folsom Prison's council meetings, it was obvious between her organization and attention to detail, the founder would insist that Amber come on board and help keep Blameless and Forever Free Ministries organized.

Once her bio is completed, you will understand why Blameless is honored to have Amber take charge of the nonprofit's administrative duties through the amazing experience and background she offers to Blameless and Forever Free Ministries.

Chloe Long

Chloe Long first met the founder when Tammy was working on the high school ministry at Bridgeway Christian Church and a bond instantly developed. Chloe has joined the board of directors for Blameless, but with her pursuit and major in psychology at California State University, Sacramento, combined with her prior experience working with foster children, sex trafficking victims, and loving on the homeless in other countries, Blameless is honored and excited to be blessed with her commitment in making a difference in the world and making disciples of all nations!

Miss M.

 Prayer Warrior Power! A Lover of Jesus, a wife, a stepmother, an amazing sister and daughter, and a celebrated Sista who knows what broken expectations, disease and death can do to a beloved! Whoever thought serving at church being greeters with the founder would usher in a friendship packed full with prayer, power and praise! Oh, and can I say laughter?  Two worship warriors who are not afraid to surrender all while worshiping is a magnet for prophetic words and accountability partners. With nonprofit experience and missions abroad, her enthusiasm and compassion is one filled with hope, love and perseverance! 

C.K. Ingram

The effects and behaviors that develop when one loses his father and best friend in the same year were disastrous. With generational strongholds, addictions, a diagnosis of epilepsy, living and working as a young father with great responsibilities, as if these demands weren't overwhelming enough, try adding time being incarcerated. But God's Great Love changes everything and Caylan is the perfect witness to illustrate how God turns our tragedies into quite the testimony with His Love!  Further proof that God loves us just the way we are and a testimony of hope that can be experienced and lived out!

Fred Mudde

The Founder of Blameless was introduced to Pastor Fred while working on the youth ministry at the same church that Pastor Fred was speaking at. A bond and a friendship developed which later turned into a partnership for Kivule Christian Center in Uganda, Africa.

Two hearts, same calling and vision, close to 10,000 miles apart, differing continents and cultures, but sharing a love for Christ and faith that belivers in a partnership that knows, with God all things are possible, one person at a time!