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Governor Newsom Signs Criminal Justice Bills Into California Law

For People With Felony Convictions & CDCR Inmates

AB 942 – CalFresh Meals Program. This bill extends the ability to use food stamps for hot meals at supermarkets.
SB 136 - Ending Ineffective 1-Year Sentencing Enhancements. This bill eliminates the 1-year mandatory sentencing enhancement for priors except for “sexually violent offense” priors.
SB 310 – Jury Service. This bill restores the right of jury service to people with felony convictions, excluding people currently on parole or on the sex offenders’ registry.
AB 32 – Ban California Private Prison Contracts. Prohibits new or renewal contracts between CDCR and private prison companies, including ICE detention centers. As many current contracts are on 1-year “bridge” contracts, the bill effectively ends private prisons and ICE detention prisons in California after 2020. People currently incarcerated in ICE detention prisons will probably be transferred to county jails with ICE contracts, until those contracts are also banned.
AB 45 – Prison Co-Pays. Ends the co-pays people incarcerated in prison must pay to access medical treatment. Currently, people incarcerated in CDCR prisons must pay a $5 co-pay to access medical treatment.
AB 484 – Eliminate Mandatory Confinement during Probation. This bill would, for certain drug convictions, give judges granting probation the discretion to impose the current 180-day confinement condition mandatory with current convictions.
AB 1076 – Automatic Relief. Will automatically seal arrest/conviction records for certain low-level offenses after a diversion program.
SB 394 – Diversion for Primary Caregivers of Minor Children. Creates a pretrial diversion program for defendants who are primary caregivers of a child under 18 years of age, as specified, and who are charged with a misdemeanor or a non-serious, non-violent felony.