Kivule Christian Centre

in partnership with

Blameless and Forever Free Ministries, a religious charitable organization

Kivule Christian Centre

Blameless and Forever Free Ministries is honored to partner with Pastor Fred Mudde and Kivule Christian Children Centre in Uganda, Africa. Understanding Tammy's calling to make disciples of all the nations, during an initial introduction with Fred who was visiting California from Uganda, this Divinely ordered and beautifully orchestrated friendship blossomed. Because of Pastor Fred Mudde's passion and calling to reach and teach the children of Uganda about Jesus, it was the perfect harmony and recipe to engage in a friendship while Tammy was on staff with the high school ministry where Fred visited. A friendship and bond developed into a partnership all through the power of prayer and submission in being obedient. 


Pastor Fred Mudde purchased land in Uganda intended initially for his own personal use to cultivate food. When the elders of the community learned that the land belonged to Fred, who is a Christian pastor, they requested that Fred dedicate and utilize his land to build a Christian school. Following much prayer and the demands and constant cries of the elders and citizens, Kivule Christian Centre was built classroom by classroom and opened in 2012. The school initially housed 20 children, but now holds approximately 170 students. 

Fred's passionate devotion and heart is for the kids at the school to be introduced and taught about the good news of the gospel. He shares that it is his "overwhelming joy in the world" to expand and continue to build. That is Fred's commitment, the desire of his heart, and one in which many prayers are petitioned for much-needed provision to fulfill. Two hearts, same calling and vision, close to 10,000 miles apart, differing continents and cultures, but sharing a partnership that knows, with God all things are possible, one person at a time!

The classrooms do not have cement floors which is one reason why Blameless is thrilled to have partnered with Pastor Fred, the elders of the community and Kivule Christian Centre, in hope to cement all the classroom floors by year's end. Blameless is blessed to contribute the funds to have one classroom floor being cemented. It is just a start. Having no windows and doors, concrete floors are needed first to protect against the natural elements of weather, rodents, and the like. 

Donations of any size are prayed for along with great praise and gratitude for the abundant provision that will be raised in order that the gospel will continue to reach to the ends of the earth while making these precious children smile all the more knowing the love of the Lord and witnessing firsthand what being the hands and feet of God reaching out to mankind is like (Matthew 28:18-20). What a testimony! God is that good!


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