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About Me

Hi Beautiful! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. You’ve found a great place that is not only safe, but hopefully you will enjoy the humor found while being supported. My prayer is that you will leave my blog feeling hopeful, encouraged and aware of this Great Love of our Father God. He never runs out of time or love for His beloved children. God is ready and able, patiently waiting for us to call upon Him for help, equipped with His tool belt and power tools. Now, that’s a good, good Father.

About me… Well, for starters, I love being referred to as Grammy Tammy. Yes, I proudly wear that crown. I was graced with a princess granddaughter after raising, and surviving, rambunctious sons. All I knew besides being knee deep in muddy waters, stinky socks, baseball and soccer balls and Tonka trucks, was starving boys and girls constantly calling. Now a whole new world of tiaras and tutus and bright pink manicures/pedicures blesses each day along with giggles and princess kisses. There’s not enough bling in the world to decorate our lives.

On a more serious note, I am a beach girl raised in good ‘ole Southern California. When I’m traveling abound and running through airports, I am often asked if I was raised in the south due to my Tammy Flare. I jokingly reply, “Well, you could say so. I grew up in beautiful San Diego County. That is in the south, you know!” I guess my brief tenure in Texas gave birth to the Southern Belle who refuses to leave which explains her accent emerging from time to time. Proud of it!

I am a Beloved daughter of the Lord God Almighty who has been broken and set free from all the guilt and shame that has directed my life. I have been saved by nothing short of grace and mercy given freely through Love Himself (1 John 4:7-11). This Grammy Tammy is determined to leave a legacy of love through the realm of advocacy in being a “Voice” for those who have lost theirs through the imprisonment of abuse, abandonment, addiction, neglect and violence all in the name of Jesus. My motto and the way I see it is: There is no shame in our game; Jesus is His name!

Because the Lord has chosen to turn my ashes into beauty, after 20 years working in the law profession combined with another seven years serving as a chaplain, after completing the law enforcement chaplaincy academy, the Lord called me back to school. College life is hard enough for a 20-year-old, much less a woman in her Fabulous 50s.

This is my only opportunity to boast so I’m going for it. I am proud to say I graduated Magna Cum Laude and became a lifetime honorary scholastic member of Alpha Lambda Delta while accomplishing my Bachelor’s of Science in Religion, with a minor in church ministries. But.. and I preface it with a big BUT… I am forever working towards my Master’s of Divinity. Some day! I’m Grammy Tammy; doing everything backwards! I know all too well the life application meaning of Philippians 4:13 at its finest: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. So hard, but so rewarding!

You will find quite often that I refer to myself as being “high maintenance” in my writings, requiring sitting at the feet of Jesus after performing my exhausting and infamous Tammy Tantrums. The “high maintenance” tag is just another lucid term I use to describe my pathetic fits. Seeing a near six-foot-tall woman pout and hysterically cry with demands perfectly explains my extreme need for time with my Lord and my co-dependency on my best friend, the Holy Spirit.

I love my Jesus and when I find His radiance has taken a backseat to the cast-iron horns emerging from my head while flaming arrows are spewing out of my mouth (quite the visualization, huh?), initiating a meltdown consisting of toddler tantrums, I realize rather quickly my great need for my Goditude time; solitude time with my Papa God.

Since I’ve been an advocate for those without a voice due to abuse, addiction, depression, being abandoned and rejected (all of which I have walked through myself), I understand the hurt, the loss and sorrow from a bleeding heart. I want to share with other Beautiful Beloveds my story with a twist: Being an Advocate for the Word instead!

I believe the Bible is God’s love letter written for His children. After all, He calls us His masterpiece and His works of art (Ephesians 2:10). The Word was written to engage in a relationship with us, much like a father relates to his children here on earth, to teach and instruct us in the way in which we should go through love.

God knew how hard life would be at times and that we would suffer, feel rejected, become lonely, and even develop characteristics and behaviors in need of fine-tuning. He gave us this tangible moral compass because of His Great Love for us. He wanted to make sure we had something to touch and could go to as a reminder of His loving presence, for help, hope, reassurance and strength as we press through while being loved just the way we are.

His love is abounding. I pray you’re awakened to why God created mankind in His image (Genesis 1:27). He created us with different colors, shapes and sizes in order to bring beauty to the bunch. His creation was intended to engage in being unified within our communities by acknowledging our need for “each other.” As I always say, without each other, there is no beauty in the bunch. I believe we were never intended to look or act like each other.

God designed us for relationship with Him and others. We need each other to thrive, not just to survive. I believe we need to share our lives with courage while being a member of the Hot Club; being honest, open and transparent! One thing I will promise you, being honest, open and transparent in my writings might offend some, but I am a supporter of being vulnerable and authentic. Leave the judgment to Jesus; that’s His job, not ours! I live by my advocacy motto: There is no shame in our game, Jesus is His Name!

If one person can receive hope, comfort or be encouraged by reading that they’re not the only ones going through their struggles and difficulties, that makes my heart leap with joy. That is the meaning behind learning from each other while being bold and courageous. I might not be able to walk alongside of you physically encouraging you to press on, but I can try through my writings. Don’t believe me, just wait until my book, Flight 951, is published. You will understand my journey.

The greatest gift I pray you take away is how much God loves you. He loves it when we take the time to open up His Word and snuggle in tight learning about His nature and goodness and sovereignty. He wants to pour healing into our hearts by speaking affirmations and truths about us being His Beautiful Beloveds. Cleaving and pressing into the Lord escorts us into the presence of what it’s like to be truly loved! The worth and value is overwhelming; be-loved and be-valued and be-healed!

Welcome. I pray you enjoy this blog and come back often. Please don’t hesitate to comment or email me. I am honored when I receive prayer requests. I want you to experience this Great Love affair waltzing with grace as we sojourn together this side of heaven. You can email me with your prayer requests at


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