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Blameless and Forever Free Ministries - Escape Artists Wanted

Blameless and Forever Free Ministries -

Escape Artists Wanted

Hi Family and Friends…

“To change undesirable behaviors we see in the world, we must change the thinking that leads to those behaviors.” -Donald L. Hicks

That picture is pretty intense, huh? Domestic violence is real. I know that torment. I suffered through it along with my children for 14 years. Even though we escaped our violent environment on January 12, 1996, its effects still linger, all in the name of fear!

But my God is amazing, He hears the cries of the victims and cares for those in anguish. Jesus understands the suffering and pain. So much so, He offers healing for those who call upon Him. Sobering statistics reveal that 1 in 5 women and 1 in 7 men report having experienced severe physical violence from an intimate partner in their lifetime. And 1 in 6 homicide victims are killed by an intimate partner, according to the Department of Public Health. The Trauma Cycle Continues… While working on writing programming for our local women who have been sexually assaulted and/or survivors of domestic violence, “Beautiful You” support group, I find myself now juggling writing more programming for our state prisons. Most of our prison populations have exceeded occupancy due to prison closures. Folsom State Prison is at 144% occupancy as of yesterday, April 27, and we’re preparing for even more residents. Probably why officials have requested more programming catered to violence and domestic violence. So I research, write, remember and cry while observing commonalities between both the abuser and the victim. It’s no coincidence that I’m writing about violence and domestic violence for the women and now there’s a demand for the men! I could use some prayers here. Domestic violence and sexual assault are part of my destiny, says my Lord, so I must take it seriously while giving weight to its significance and the responsibility it carries. I don’t want anyone to suffer and hurt like I did, much less the children that get traumatized witnessing violence. Healing and wholeness is a must; a priority, to sever generational strongholds and reduce violence. And with living in basically a fatherless society, when God asks you to help rescue the fatherless, the weak and the destitute, and deliver them from the hand of the wicked (Psalm 82:3-4), you defend and intercede on their behalf. This Woman… Has been broken and left unspoken; Has been betrayed and left afraid; Has been abandoned and left branded; Has been orphaned and left without fortune; Has been abused and bruised; Has been rejected and redirected. Because of God, This Woman… Still walks proud while wearing her crown; Insists on being different; Laughs loud reaching into the clouds; Lives without fear and loves to cheer; Loves without doubt; This woman is beautiful; This woman is humble and ready to rumble; This woman is courageous and it’s often contagious; This woman is a treasure at every measure! This Woman Is M-E and Y-O-U! -o0o- “Let your love for God change the world, but don’t ever let the world change your love for God!” Ezekiel 45:9 proclaims, “Put away violence and destruction, and practice justice and righteousness.” In order to have healthy, emotional minds, we need to expose ourselves to things that bring goodness and kindness to each other. We live basically in a fatherless society, and everyone suffers because of it. CDCR wants cognitive based programming, which focuses on faulty thinking and learned behaviors. I believe if we want true transformation to occur from the inside out, we must start inviting Holy Spirit into the healing equation process, not forgetting the integration of faith and psychology. A Fatherless Generation One thing I’ve noticed with our incarcerated is a fatherless generation that continues to increase. More reason for Father God’s access. God genuinely wants to reveal Himself as our Father and a Father to the fatherless. And the amazing thing, He’s ALWAYS AVAILABLE! -o0o- “You, Lord, hear the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry; defending the fatherless and the oppressed, so that mere earthly mortals will never again strike terror” (Psalm 10:17-18, NIV).

God-fidence, Knowing I Can’t, But God Can!

It has been said that fault lies with the perpetrator, and that it’s the abuser’s responsibility to sort out their own attitudes and behaviors.

Malice and bitterness can and does fester easily into verbal and physical violence. Harmful attitudes escalate into damaging words and behaviors.

We won’t necessarily understand our attitudes and behaviors are unhealthy until someone walks alongside us and helps us see our own actions through the lens of Love, God’s Great Love.

Until next time…

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