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Blameless Welder Helmet by Spencer-Davis


Welding Protective Equipment

Blameless and Forever Free Ministries is supporting our returning citizens in their reentry process during COVID-19 by fundraising for protective equipment to help them be employable in their vocations and certifications they received in state prison.

Blameless Welder 2 by Christopher-Burns.



Blameless Welder by Max-Larochelle.png



Blameless and Forever Free Ministries is fundraising for new and gently used welding equipment for our returning citizens granted release from prison.  One way to reduce recidivism rates is to employ former offenders as soon as possible after release. 

They served their time for their crime, but after prison, more punishment follows as they reenter the workforce due to discrimination and hundreds of prohibiting laws. We need jobs, not jails, to help make our communities safer and build up those reentering society.

Please help Blameless help our returning citizens by providing the necessary tools and equipment for individuals who received vocational certification in prison by donating or purchasing welding equipment that is needed to secure immediate employment within their vocations during COVID-19.

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